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Let's be clear about this. I don't do Weddings (OK, so I did three or four, but they were relatives) and I'm not a portrait photographer, but I do take the odd photo or two. Some are even not so odd. Now there's a sentence to make grown men cry.

So here's the point. In the course of creating flyers, brochures, webpage images or the like, the need for photographs or images based on photos is quite common. If I'm doing the former, it might be more expedient to have me take care of the latter.

In some genres (flowers, Oakville landscapes, native wildlife) I already have a fairly extensive collection of photos. If that's what you need, you might have to look no further. I'm also equipped to take standard shots of small objects like a vase, jewelry and so on, and I'm getting quite good at covering soccer and football games, but exactly what use that may be to you escapes me.

I tend to spend my ill-gotten consulting gains on photographic equipment, so it's only fair that said equipment should try to return the favour.

Incidentally, I'm also quite open to all-expenses-paid on-location photo shoots in the Caribbean at any time in the Canadian winter. 

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